Yin and Yang

I propose, your concur

I insist, you are a seeker

I bask I sunshine, you revere the moon

I look long term, you choose it soon.

You stay calm, I go hyper

You impulsive, Iam a watcher

You dote, Iam a critic

I forget, you remember.


I trust, you verify

I modernise, you sanctify

You dream, I dare

I defy, you care.

You club, I select

You keep, I reject

You save, I splurge

I disperse, you collect.


Iam extrovert, you hold back

I am a planner, you execute

I proceed, but you watch

You carry raincoat, I rain check.

I lead, you follow

I am harsh, you so mellow

I turn moody, you stabilise

I turn cold, you a warm fellow.


This n that, all we cover

Contrasts and yet complimenting, one another

That’s how we’ll make this whole

Today, tomorrow and forever…


trupti nayak

Pune, Feb 21,2019

#Trueessence  # Crochetofwords  #OurStory


  1. Wow .. awesomely written
    This is how we are my love
    We compliment each other with our such a contrast …
    This chemistry of ours will make this whole new beginning for Today, tomorrow and forever…
    Thanks for pening down!!!
    Love you

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