An evening in Paradise

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An evening in Paradise

Iam a believer….I believe that each day comes with a lesson, provided we are receptive to it.  Some harsh ones, some that warm the soul, and remind us that we are human first. How clinically insensitive we have become in this harsh world of rush and rave! This was a wake up call in midst of a short vacation I had taken with my son. And it left an indelible mark on our souls…

An 8-odd year old scrawny, mucky lad, not in rags exactly, arrived at the doorsteps of a Pakistani restaurant we were dining in. It must be around 8 pm, the perfect time for hunger fires ravaging the insides. The hunger in his belly showed in his eyes as he looked at the piping hot spread with helplessness.

Ramzan bhai, one of the very soft spoken and warm hosts in the restaurant immediately rushed to him, in an effort to keep him out of the restaurant and avoid embarrassment or discomfort to his Customers at the rush hour.

‘Do you want money?’ Ramzan bhai asked the lad. The hungry kid intimidated by the ambience of the restaurant vehemently refused swinging his head side to side. ‘Do you want food?’ ‘I don’t have money!’ The little voice whispered, eyesight to the ground.

What happened next was the most heart-warming moment I have witnessed….Ramzan bhai put his arms around the kid, handed him a buffet plate and walked him… the buffet counter. ‘Eat all you want’ he nudged the boy. He did not wait around to even collect his thanks, that look of immense gratitude the kid gave him in return. A waiter assisted the kid with the servings and sat him down in the corner chair near the kitchen….

Who cared if it were allah-ke-bandey or any other poster of faith and religion, that delivered this godly act, at that moment? Ramzan bhai indelibly etched the first and primary religion of Humanity on our hearts, that soulful evening in Kuala Lumpur.

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