Revive, Survive, Thrive

pondy2Revive, Survive and Thrive

The new year eve approaches every year and the most predictable question about the new year resolution is pops up along with it. The spectrum of ideas that express the new year resolutions is too wide to span. I have always been in awe of those who have specific and firm purpose to focus on. That is perhaps because I have a propensity to adapt to challenges that rudely crop up during the year.  Then adversity management becomes the new KRA and the proposed new year resolution goes for a royal toss!

So, I look back and ponder…and am enlightened at a few years to fifty. My new year resolution last year, the year before, and after that, actually every year, has remained unchanged. It has been SURVIVE AND THRIVE.

I don’t strategize survival techniques, I let the response mutate and metamorphose in response to the situation. I have learned from experience that action is important, first. The repercussions of the reaction come later, and till then you have time to understand, perceive, plan and organize your thoughts and resources to handle the situation. Eventually I end up head above the water, with or without a few losses. Looking at it positively, the learning and experience is never lost.

It is ultimately what YOU contemplate about every circumstance, that organizes the Tetris of your thoughts. The layout of endurance is chalked as billions of neurons are firing the furnace of survival. During all my adversities I have focused on very small goals- taking just one step each day, but definitely, resolutely in the direction of resolving the issue. Even if that means getting out there and facing the world. I talk to myself and verbally remind myself…to go slow, steady…one step at a time. And this approach has seen me to the other side of the desert, consistently and unfailingly.

So this year it is no more loosing ‘x’ kgs, learning to drive or swim, or travelling to a foreign destination, buying a long-desired diamond pendant or a 4K HD flat screen or a SUV. Instead I have decided to declutter! Remove the unwanted, discard the dust gathering items, identify what I do not really need (and no place for sentimental souvenirs too, no living in the past anymore), I have decided to shed skin, and most importantly, work on relationships that have potential to revive, survive and thrive.

I have realized I have lived the insecurity for too long and refuse to hoard anymore. I decline to let the burden and bondage of a new year resolution tie me down from soaring. I defy the fears of the past from letting me explore other paradigms. I have mindfully accepted that I have the choice and the freedom to shift my new year resolution to an alternative mid-year one, or even give it up at any point of time.

I have finally arrived on the doorstep of freedom from the subjugation of every year, I survive the vicious circle that entangles me in the conspiracy of falling for a new year resolution next year…I not just revive, I survive and furthermore, I thrive…

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trupti nayak

Jan 15,2018