Give Peace a Chance


It is no new story
Of blood spill and tears
Is it becoming our history
Of religious fanaticism?
No matter what agenda
What rule or prohibitory order
Reported death toll to 38
Speaks of our disruptive order!
On cold concrete slabs they lie
Now equal in form and figure
The stink of formaldehyde
Drowning all difference of faith and peer.
Shot, stabbed, drilled & bludgeoned
Obituaries still sound the same
‘Probe the larger conspiracy’
Sounds disappointingly lame.
The wounds may heal tomorrow
But will the marks fade?
Mumbai, Gujarat & now Delhi
Who knows whats next to trade?
Is this our legacy of pride & pomp
Our peaceful nation, it’s repute?
Is this what gen-next inherits?
Is this what we have to salute?
One day normalcy will set in
The loss will be reconciled
We sit with shame & regret
Waiting for justice, burned & branded.

p2Heartbroken yet Hopeful…



February 29,2020