MeStory 4

BSC10202a Bee-Eater Green (beludschicus with bee) 1 Jungle Camp
Me: Hey bee-eater, you keep flying all around the hillside mornings and evenings, have you even managed to catch 5 flies?
Bee-eater: How does it really matter? I believe & understand I should keep trying to do my job at the best of my ability. Just like dogs should bark, fish must swim, we, must catch insects. One must do what he is meant to do.
Me: I do many things…cook and nurture like a mother, work like a man, pay bills, tend to the family, help, sacrifice, repair, socialize, give and tolerate

BE: No wonder you collapse with fatigue and have such breakdowns! I focus on my priority, hence Iam stress free. I catch bees, fill my belly, sleep well without worries.

Me: Iam de-cluttering now. I understand not to fuel that which does not serve my purpose.

BE: Great going. But remember to focus on WHAT you are born to do, in the first place. Priorities and functions will fall in place automatically. Dare to ask yourself first- why and how is this important to me? You will know the answers to all your questions and how far you must go…
February 24, 2020