Me Story 2


Me: Your very look and aroma, relaxes me, releases endorphins, generates ideas in my brain.

Coffee: The state of happiness should depend on you not on me! And are those ideas creative ones?

Me: Happiness comes after so much process…the yearning, the effort, the sacrifice, reaching a point when you almost give up.

Coffee: I get plucked raw, get sorted, dried, roasted, ground, boiled too…and you have just one word for it- aroma! Happiness is also a similar single word.

Me: Right, so should I look who is going to boil me up next?

Coffee: Dont waste time looking. They will do it anyways. Trust you tenacity and quality. When you endure the process and survive, you will carry your very own unique flavour. You will not only be in demand, you will be valued too!



February 6,2020