Me Story 6

Me Story 6

Me: Am going insane with your ticking. Just the sound but you don’t move any time now.
Cuckoo Clock: Your pace has come to a near standstill. Iam as I am.
Me: I seem to have nothing to do, now that Iam quarantined.tick
CC: My hands are working round the clock, even if your’s aren’t! You got to do what you got to do.
Me: what do I do with all the spare time?
CC: Not long ago you yearned for this kinda peace. Now you have it you donno what to do.
Me: That’s us, humans! When will we know what we really want?
CC: You never will. That is why Time and Nature decide that for you. Learn to humbly value and acknowledge what you have, first. Loved ones, safety, security, food, and most of all… Time. The rest may all come back, not time…so enjoy every tick I make.


March 28,2020