Me Story 7

Mestory 7


Me: There now…I feel happy about the way you look sorted and clean.
Bookshelf: Yeah my look is great, orderly, is that the case with your thoughts?
Me: My thought, imagination and creativity are just like the standstill Books in your shelves…
Bookshelf: Why don’t you browse, it will restructure, re-evaluate, rejuvenate and restart what has come to a halt.
Me: Where do I get started? It’s like deciding where do I start reading with?
Bookshelf: Just start. That is most important. Choices will refine, when you know more. Just like my shelves are not neat, the Books not of the same size, and the subjects varied, so will you find the world around you. Pick the right book that fires you up…and don’t keep it down till you have finished the last page.


April 13,2020

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